Be Aware of Online Buying Scams

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If a shopping price on the web seems too good to be true, it probably is. Making adirect buy, also known as making a purchase online, is a convenient but sometimes risky way to shop.

A good rule of thumb is to be familiar with a company before purchasing an item from their website. Do some research online to make sure they are reputable, and read forums where consumers describe and comment their experiences. If story after story describes lower than advertised quality, poor customer service,?items that were never shipped, or if you see a lot of?direct buy complaints, then you should probably stay away from that particular web site.

This type of online shopping scam is avoidable if the consumer takes the time to research before making a purchase. It is worth it to do a little front-end work that can avoid possible identity theft issues associated with these sites that might use the?direct buy scam?system to take your money. Some websites will advertise specialty low prices, but then after the consumer provides personal information, including a credit card, the company never ships the order. Often times these companies are located in countries where it is difficult to track them down, making it near impossible to press charges. People have had their credit and reputations ruined simply because they were careless with which websites they chose to do business with.

A little caution and quality research can go a long way in helping a consumer discern the integrity of a website.

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